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Emotional Releasing

There are times when our emotions run very high. Right now it feels as though everyone I speak to is dealing when some strong emotions. The problem is that in our busy worlds and lives we don't prioritise our emotions. We tend to push them aside until the weekend or our next holiday or some time in the distant future, and never end up dealing with them at all. This is true for both men and women. While women have mensural cycles that almost force them to notice their emotions at the end of their cycle, men also experience emotional cycles. In our society we do not respect men and their emotions. From an early age they are told to be strong and suck it up. This activity is deeply important for males and females. If your man is dealing with difficult emotions, it is important to honour them as you would want him to honour your emotional phases.

Dealing with your emotions as they come up is vital for our happiness and wellbeing. Suppressed emotions will be stored in the body, this can show up in various different ways such as fatigue, illness, stronger more aggressive emotions, addiction, depression, anxiety, autoimmune issues, numbness, joint pain, muscle tension and disease. This is a huge part of what I do, I help people release the stored emotions that caused a disease to manifest or I help them to release difficult emotions before they manifest into something greater.

No emotions are easy to understand or work with. The goal is just to allow emotions to come up, to notice then and then allow them to wash over you. Not hanging onto anything, not trying to reject it, trying to squash it down; its just noticing or observing and letting it go. We are doing this to allow our emotional states to become open, free and light so that we aren’t trapped with these feelings inside our body anymore and we have the space to move on and heal. The best part about this is that when we open ourselves up to the negative emotions, we also make room for the positive. You cannot suppress one type of emotion without suppressing all other emotions with it. When you allow the negative to flow through you, you are also allowing an abundance of positive to move through you.

We will start off this process by gathering the following resources to assist you:

- A journal/ piece of paper and a pen

- An essential oil (if you enjoy using oils). I love patchouli for this process because it is a grounding oil and helps to connect with the body. If you are feeling heavy then you might want to use citrus oils such as lime, orange or lemon. Marjoram, frankincense, chamomile, sage, sandalwood and rosemary are all excellent oils for connection and healing. If you don't have oils you can use the actual herb in the form of a tea or incense

- A crystal of your choice. The dark crystals are usually for negative emotional releasing but selenite is an amazing cleansing crystal too

- Sage or palo santo for cleansing

How to release emotions

1. Find a quiet space where you feel safe to speak out loud. Let it be somewhere calm. Sit down and get comfortable in this space.

2. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to connect with your body.

3. Apply or inhale the essential oil you chose for this process.

4. Listen to this meditation.

5. Write down the emotions that came up through that meditation and maybe spend a few more minutes diving into you emotions. It's easy to identify emotions such as anger or overwhelm but whats under anger could be hurt or pain, and underneath overwhelm could be loss of control or lack of support. The deeper you go and the more you can connect with the underlying emotions, the more you'll be able to release.

6. Going through the emotions one at a time you are doing to repeatedly say the emotion you are feeling while tapping the points below. These points are the starting or ending points of the meridian. As you repeat the emotion out loud emotion tap each point roughly 20-30 times. After one round take some slow deep breaths and tune in with your body, notice if it feels any lighter.

7. After one round of tapping repeat the process using a different emotion. You can repeat this process as many times as you need to until you feel your emotional heaviness has lightened or shifted.

8. It is also a good idea to use sage or palo santo to cleanse yourself and your space after this release.

9. I also love doing yin yoga or stretching to help release emotions from the body, along with seeing a kinesiologist or acupuncturist to help you through this process.

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