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Healthy skin starts from the inside.


"Clear Skin" is a perfect resource for anyone struggling with acne and looking for answers on how to get started in addressing it from an internal point of view. Based on my extensive clinical experience dealing with countless acne cases and working to clear skin from the inside out. 

This eBook includes over 60 pages about: 

  • Understanding acne from a holistic perspective 

  • How to investigate the causes of your acne

  • Therapeutic diet changes

  • Foods for glowing skin

  • Understanding important nutrients & herbs to consider when safe and appropriate

  • Lifestyle changes 

  • Natural skin care recommendations

  • How to reduce your chemical exposure

  • Where to get started

  • Grocery staples

  • Guidelines on how to build a balanced meal 

  • Recipes  

  • References

Thanks for your support!
Chels x

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