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Wellnation Clinics

Endeavour College of Natural Health is a fully accredited, nationwide institution that provides bachelor degrees in Complimentary Alternative Medicine such a Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics, Acupuncture and Myotherapy.

As part of the degree, clinical experience is vital in the education of the budding health professionals and this is where the Endeavour Wellnation clinics come in to play.

The Perth Wellnation clinic is located in East Perth and offers student consultations by final year students that are supervised by experienced practitioners in the same field. These practitioners still practice in Perth clinics when they are not teaching or supervising at Endeavour College.


The consultations are extremely affordable ranging from $15-$30 depending on the modality. There are also discounts for concession or pension cardholders, as well as 4-pack packages at a reduced price to ensure even more value for money if you will be returning for multiple visits, and trust me you’ll want to go back for more.

Students at Endeavour are taught to treat a person holistically, meaning that they take in to account multiple aspects of a person’s physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing to ultimately get to the cause of the problem, rather than just sticking a band-aid on the problem and allowing it to persist. This means it may take a little longer but at the end of the road you will be fully restoring health and eliminating the problem.

Here’s what you can expect from a consult for each modality at the clinic:


An initial consult takes 1.5 hours where the student naturopath questions you extensively on your presenting problem and they delve in to multiple body systems to really connect the dots on your health and to establish a cause for what you are experiencing. They will then do a physical examination that includes, among many others, iridology; the fascinating study of the iris to gather information about ones physical health (to which you get sent a beautiful photo of your iris). After this they will confirm the aspects of your health you want to improve as your main priority and then consult with their supervisor in which a treatment plan will be made involving lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, nutritional modification or supplementation, detoxification techniques, further investigations, mindfulness practices and so much more.


Nutrition consultations are very similar to Naturopathy ones except the focus is a lot more on your diet, necessary dietary modifications and supplementation to restore health. They can enter your typical diet information into software that gives a breakdown of the average nutrient intake you are receiving and can then make modifications where necessary to ensure you are getting enough, but not too much of the many nutrients required for optimal wellbeing. No matter what your health status is, anyone can benefit from these consultations.


The consultations are roughly 1 hour and are not as heavily question based as the previous two modalities as most of the time involves the needling. The student will question you on health aspects that are bothering you whether it’s PMS, stress, headaches or a variety of other problems they can certainly help. Physical examination includes pulse and tongue analysis and then again, they consult with their supervisor as to which points they will be needling, all while you prepare yourself in a similar way to a massage on the massage table. The acupuncture itself is not as traumatic as some people might think it is, with minimal to no pain that is usually no more than a slight prick. Once all the needles are in place they leave you to rest in the room while the needles do their thing to move and restore Qi (energy), which is around 20-30 minutes long. The benefits from the treatment can be seen immediately or progressively over a few hours or days.

One downside is that the clinic can be high in demand and sometimes it can be difficult to get an appointment so it’s best to book in early and multiple consultations in advance so you can ensure you are getting the regular treatment you need and certainly will want.

All in all, the Wellnation clinics are a wonderful way for people to discover modalities that they have never experienced before in a very affordable manner. However, even if you have been to a practitioner in these fields before, this is a great way to maximize your money and still receive a very high quality of treatment.

So what are you waiting for? Why not give it a go and help support the future of natural health as well as taking control and optimizing your own health. Once you go natural, you’ll never go back.

Head to the Wellnation Clinic and check out all the options yourself!

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