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Rich chocolate coconut milk mouse

Ingredients: - 1 tin of coconut cream - 8-10pieces/ 100g dark chocolate - 1 Tbs Nutraorganics gelatine powder (leave out to make vegan) - 1 Tbs honey or rice malt syrup

Method: - Dissolve gelatine in a small dish with cold or room temperature water. - Heat coconut milk in a pot until steaming. - Add chocolate and sweetener to pot, stir until dissolved.  - Add a small amount of hot liquid to the gelatine and mix until smooth.  - Remove from the heat and add gelatine to the pot.  - Stir until completely smooth. - Serve in small dishes and place in the fridge for 3-4 hours.  - Enjoy with fruit and dusted chocolate (or anything you'd like)

Note: this recipe can be made without the gelatine for a vegan alternative, it just needs more time to set in the fridge


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