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Monthly Goals

Happiness is actually rather simple if you google factors that make people happy. Lists include exercise, healthy fresh food diet, human contact, getting into nature, good quality sleep and meditation. These do sound too simple to change how you feel on a daily basis but actually if you aimed to do to everything on that list everyday I promise you would feel happier overall.

When I created this chart at the start of last month I just did it to see how my mood and energy correlated with what I was eating and what I did in the day. It was amazing that on the days that I exercised, ate well, slept well, did something social, meditated and had some down time; I gave myself a 10/10 happiness rating. From tracking everything I was doing I found myself wanting to exercise more, get outside and eat better not just so I could see it written down but also because I could really see how it improved my daily happiness.

This is a concept you can apply to any area of your life that you feel needs improving. If your relationship feels strained and distant, write relationship goals. "Quality time together", "doing something nice your significant other", or I would honestly even track "love making" just to see how often you are allowing intimacy in your relationship. In fact we added it to our chart last month and it had an amazing impact on our relationship, where we were wanting to spend more time being intimate and loving.

I have left the last row open so that each month you can add in a new daily habit to create, this could be any number of things such as:

- Reading

- Water intake

- Intimate time

- Screen time

- Ocean swims

- Creativity

- Random act of kindness

- Bath

- Alcohol intake

- Vitamins

- Sunshine

- Dance

- Stretch

- Cook food at home

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