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Hemp Body Butter

Once you go organic and natural it can be really challenging finding products you like and that are reasonable. I've started to make my own products instead because I know what's in them and they can end up being cheaper than other organic products.

This hemp body lotion is very moisturising and its completely natural!


2 Tbs emulsifying beads or arrowroot flour

2 Tbs coconut oil

100ml hemp oil

3 Tbs cacao butter or shea butter

200ml aloe vera from a plant or gel.

15 drops of your chosen essential oil


1. If you are using aloe from a plant you'll need to harvest it, if not skip to step three. If you have an aloe plant you'll need around 2 large branches or leaves.

2. Use a peeler to peel outer skin from the leaf. Slice into chunks and blend until smooth. Use a strainer to seperate and fibre and set the liquid aside.

3. In a heat safe bowl place the emulsifying beads, coconut oil and cacao butter over a sauce pan filled with boiling water. Heat until everything is melted. Remove from the heat.

3. Using a beater or stick blender beat oil liquid. Slowly adding the aloe vera and then the hemp oil. Keep beating to create a smooth creamy consistency. Add chosen essential oils and beat through.

4. Scrape contents out into jars or containers and apply to the skin as needed. The mixture will thicken up into a paste once it cools.

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