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Pure Glow Cleanse

What a dream this was! We did the "Fuel Me" one day package which started out with an exciting delivery to our front door in the morning. Inside were 5 juices, 2 amazing looking meals and a snack of watermelon jerky (spoiler alert: its AMAZING).

There are suggested times for having each particular juice/meal but it can be tailored to anyones schedule which was perfect for us!

The juices themselves were fresh and delicious, and also not too sweet which is something we really value! But they felt so nourishing and refreshing too!

The food was amazing as well! The lunch option was a "green garden salad" which had so much flavour and still had the signature NOOD feel about it which we have always loved.

The mid-afternoon snack was the watermelon jerky which we were a bit sceptical about but after trying it we were addicted! It was sweet, but also savoury and had a texture just like jerky. It is something we could seriously eat every day!

The other dinner food option was "Sweet potato stuffed capsicum" and again, it was super delicious!

This package was such a pleasure because firstly it is a massive time saver not having to think about or prepare your food for the day. But it is also a great way to refuel and give your body so many nutrients and so much goodness. A perfect way to cleanse without feeling deprived or restricted.

We'd highly recommend this package and all the other options they have to offer!

Chels x

Head to their website to check out all their packages:

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