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Ways to be eco friendly in 2018

Keep cups were all the rage in 2017, and we love them but there is so much more we can do to be even more environmentally conscious. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive either. This year we made a vow to quit single use plastic along with other meaningless plastic items.

1. Plastic straws

Every time I see a plastic straw in a juice, drink or smoothie all I think about is that sea turtle with a straw stuck up its nose. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is the link:

I know how hard that video is to watch, so think about that the next time your green smoothie comes with a straw. If you think there’s no way around this I’ve got a few tips and tricks for you. First you need to go buy a metal straw, they’re really easy to find and a single straw costs around $4.00. You pay that once and you can take it with you everywhere you go. You can easily find little cutlery pouches that you can put in your handbag and whip out whenever a green smoothie is calling our name. The trick is remembering to say “no straw” whenever you place an order. Staff are usually happy to give the straw a quick rinse if it needs one.

2. Fresh produce bags

Every time you go to the market and buy basil or rocket you take a plastic bag, you might reuse them or they could be used once and thrown away. Fresh produce bags are so easy to find and use. You can buy them all over the place or if you are sewing savvy you could make some yourself. Its easy to find fabric at op shops or out of your old linen. Even organic cotton isn’t expensive or difficult to find!.

3. Tooth brush

Dentists say you are supposed to replace your toothbrush every four months or less. Ever time you buy and throw away another plastic toothbrush you are just adding to the waste that will never be broken down. Bamboo brushes are the answer, they’re biodegradable and compostable.

4. Birthday, wedding or Christmas present

Presents are so wasteful, Christmas time is a bunch of stressed out families searching for a present someone is probably going to hate and throw away. Everything is plastic or is packaged in plastic, which we then wrap in more plastic. It drives me crazy. I decided to ditch Christmas presents this year and only give eco friendly gifts. There are also a hundred ways to creatively wrap presents without buying anything new or using any plastic. I save brown paper bags and tissue paper whenever I get it and use that as wrapping. I also use kitchen string, twine or ribbon off clothing for bows. Pinterest has thousands of ideas for making presents look beautiful and waste free!

5. Beauty

Make up, brushes, creams and lotions all come in plastic, contain chemicals and are thrown away once empty. There are so many stores that now allow you to bring your own container and refill shampoos, soaps, lotions and creams. Make up brushes are something to consider. I try wash my plastic brushes frequently instead of throwing them away. Any new brushes I need I find bamboo or natural brushes that can be composted. As for makeup I try to buy brands that package their products in glass but also minimise the amount of different products you need, the basics are enough if you are trying to minimise waste. I also make sure I’m buying organic, cruelty free brands.

6. Feminine Products

If you haven’t already switched to organic tampons and pads, its time you do. You absorb so many toxins when you use products that aren’t organic, not to mention the impact they have on the environment. If you are brave enough to take it one step further then there will be no turning back. It may sound cringe worthy but moon cups are a lifesaver. They are easy to use, super safe and risk free. There is no risk of toxic shock or toxin absorption. The initial cost is a little steep but you only have to pay it once. Along with a moon cup I also use reusable period underwear. This sounds really gross but it’s the best switch I’ve made. You buy a full set of underwear that come in different styles and colours and you have them forever. I wash them daily or every second day. They don’t get smelly or leak like pads do. They’re so comfortable and so secure. Once you’ve made the switch you’ll never go back to regular pads and tampons.

Stores and brands

  • The Raw Kitchen

  • Natures Harvest

  • The Clean Food Store

  • The Source Bulk Foods

  • Ever Eco

  • Frank Green

  • ONYA

  • Thinx underwear

  • Juju moon cups

  • The Hemp Co

  • Eco tools

  • Tom Organic

  • Manna Whole Foods

  • Go Vita Innaloo

  • Dun & Walton

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