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Interview series by Jenna Maree

Meet these two babes from Sugarfree Sisters!

Ash and Chels are two young, super inspiring women on a mission to change lives through Kinesiology and Naturopathy... and they just happen to be sisters too! I met Chels at Endeavour College of Natural Health when doing my Nutrition degree and I am so inspired by her passion and determination for all things natural health. Their Instagram feed is always full of amazing food, inspiration and one you must follow. It is so amazing to see these two living authentically and inline with what matters to them - especially as they now go on and will change the lives of so many through their modalities. You are both a wealth of knowledge and really the 'full package' of natural health! Girls I am so excited to have you here, lets dive straight in!

1. Explain to us all of the ‘must knows’ about Sugarfree Sisters.

It all started in 2014 after being sugar-free for 2 years already. We were in Bali and we were so inspired by all the amazing healthy things in Ubud and something sparked in both of us. A desire to share and educate, particularly young women, on having a healthy relationship with food and their body. We started our Instagram account to share our journey and as a creative outlet of our passion.

The most rewarding part is knowing that we will be able to change the lives of other young girls and women through naturopathy and kinesiology.

2. I am super passionate about showing up as the very best version of ourselves possible. I deeply encourage my clients to live authentically and inline with what matters to them because I believe when we do so the whole universe conspires to help us. Do you feel liek the universe has your back?


Do you have any examples to share with us?

For years now we have both written down our goals and aspirations through journalling and vision boards and almost everything we have put out there, the universe has given us.

Before we were on our current paths, we always said we wanted to work together and now our dream is coming true by studying natural therapies that complement each other so beautifully.

We also find it occurs quite often with just seemingly little things that may not have seemed possible but with the right intentions they always seem to manifest beautifully.

And any tips for my readers that may be just starting out on their journey, working towards what really matters to them?

Keep a journal and write down goals for 6 months, 1 year and 5 years or time frames that resonate with you and just keeping thinking positively and keep checking in on where you're at and where you want to be and make the necessary changes to get you there. By writing them down, in a way you are letting go and allowing the universe to take over and guide you along. Use the journal in conjunction with a visual board so that you can see those goals every day and sub-consciously work towards them.

3. I am a big advocate for self love and putting ourselves first. Please share with us 3 non-negotiables in your self-love/ care routine?

Moving our bodies in the way that feels right for you: we don’t believe in pushing our bodies when they are tired but gentle exercise such as walking and yoga are our preference and give us the most energy.

Learning to say “no” and not over extending ourselves: we have learnt that it is ok to say no when we don’t want to do something or something just doesn’t feel right. Listening to our mind and bodies and intuitively doing what we feel is best in any given situation is how we look after ourselves.

Looking after our spiritual needs: by meditating, getting kinesiology or doing angel cards when we are feeling a little lost always helps to ground us and realign everything.

4. I am super passionate about simplifying health and wellness and getting back to basics. I welcome two new modalities from you both and ask what are your top three health and wellness tips that you wish everyone knew?

You are an individual: We are huge believers in bio-individuality and doing what your body tells you is right for yourself. We avoid blindly following fads, labelling ourselves or doing what’s trendy at the moment. There is no right way to eat or “one size fits all” approach and it’s ok to be flexible and listen to your body and what it needs.

Ditch the white refined stuff: We may be a little biased about quitting sugar but honestly, by removing any food that has added or non-natural sugars in them, you are cutting out 99% of the rubbish. Sugar does not nourish or benefit your body in any way and your health will be transformed when you remove it.

Always do your own research: There is an incredible amount of information on health and nutrition being discussed over social media platforms and blogs. A lot of people that preach certain ways of life or give out advice are purely based on opinion and not fact. Unless information is coming from someone that is legitimately educated or qualified, take everything you read with a grain of salt and do your own research from credible sources before believing or following them.

5. Lets spice things up with a random question, what is one food that you cannot live without?

Peanut butter for sure! (Natural and organic of course)

Another thing we can’t live without is rooibos tea! We grew up in South Africa and have been drinking this tea since we were young kids. It is delicious, caffeine-free and full of antioxidants.

6. To finish up, please share with us what is one quote/ motto/ message you like to live by?

Something we have learned is that you are responsible for your own health and if something is not quite right you need to be proactive and determined (with the help of integrative doctors, naturopaths, kinesiologists and other complementary practitioners) to get to the root cause of the problem. From our journey’s we know it can take some time to really discover the root of a problem but it’s so important to not give up or lose hope. Our message is really to follow your gut and listen to you body when something is not quite right and try, as much as possible, to treat with natural therapies.

We have always loved the quote “The best is yet to come” to remind us that the future is br

ight and positive!

THANK YOU so much girls, for taking the time to inspire us today. I am so glad you touched on goals with 2017 coming to an end, no better time to set our intentions for the coming year/s. It is so powerful and I am glad you shared your experiences with us! 100% love and believe in your philosophy that there is no one quick fix for us all and we are all so different and unique and therefore our health has to be addressed like that too! OH and do your own research - SO so important, thanks for reminding us of this. Girl you are a true inspiration and I am so proud of you both for chasing your dreams, I know this is just the beginning for you - there is SO much more to come. Keep shining, keep inspiring and keep thriving - we can see you! Jenna Maree

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