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Ripple Retreats

Debbie and Ryoka are a mother and daughter team who’s stories are inspiring and magical. The pair have a beautiful bond and create a serene environment for their guests. Debbie is a naturopath, herbalist and massage therapist with various other qualifications in alternative modalities while Ryoka is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and too has studies many health related courses; each bringing something different and useful to learn.

The day begins with a warm greeting and a refreshing cold pressed juice packed with vitamins and nutrients to get your body ready for the day ahead. The rest of the day breezed by with an awakening mediation in one of the quirky buildings. Ryoka taught a gentle yoga class suitable for all levels of yoga, it left me feeling invigorated and refreshed. She also gave us a huge toolbox filled with strategies to help relieve stress, become mindful in everyday life as well as ways to help energise you and stay focused everyday. The tools consisted of body scans, breathing exercises and various body movements. Since the retreat I’ve found these lifesaving and use them throughout the day. Lunch delicious and nourishing, it was a beautiful raw pizza from The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle along with a fresh salad and homemade soup. After lunch Debbie spoke to us about diet and hydration. She spoke about the value and benefits certain foods give you compared with how some foods take away from you. I found this incredibly interesting and learned a few new aspects of health I wasn’t yet aware of. We were later sent a list and guide on how to follow through with what we learnt. The day ends with a deep mediation guided by Debbie and then a delectable home made raw dessert and fresh juice, leaving you relaxed nourished and feeling peaceful. Following the retreat you are sent all the tools and tips including recipes, exercises, audio and guides to help continue the shift into daily routine and make it a lifestyle change.

Ripple Retreats create an experience not dissimilar to one you’d find in Bali or Thailand. It’s a little slice of paradise, tranquillity and peace located right in East Fremantle. The grounds are filled with constant intrigue and beauty. The owner of the stunning properly has worked and lived there as an artist for many years. Every wall and path is covered in interesting art pieces and beauty. The garden is completely serene with a stream funning all the way through it. It’s filled with flowers, brilliant greenery and the constant chirping for birds creating a calm atmosphere. The space is like no other, incorporating a gorgeous tearoom, meditation hut and yoga studio. Its created in such a way that you completely forget where you are along with any stress you brought along with you. The whole experience was very personal and it’s a day for yourself only, nothing is expected or forced upon you, you are allowed to simply just be. It is time out for yourself to centre and ground your body, mind and emotions.

This is the perfect gift for friends or family who are overworked and overtired at the end of the year.

Blog lovingly provided by Ashleigh Costa from The Sugar Free Sisters

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