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How to get the most out of your Kinesiology sessions

We can all agree that after a kinesiology session you generally feel a shift in one way or another. Some shifts might feel heavy, emotional, amplified, calm or lighter. The way you feel all depends on the issue we are working on as well as your body's way of processing change. If you did nothing after your session you would still see amazing results both physically and emotionally. There is so much more you can do at home to seep up your healing and allow your sessions to go even deeper, this is how...


If this is the only thing you do, it'll still do a lot. Journalling is an amazing form of releasing. Sometimes difficult emotions and situations from the past come up. We work to release these emotions during your session but if you go home and journal about them and allow your journalling to work as a form of releasing it's amazing what can happen. In the same way that if you are working towards a goal in your sessions it helps you get there faster, writing down what you want and including how you want to feel in your journal will help it manifest faster for you. I often write prompts like "what is holding me back from achieving my goals?", "what can I change to help me get to where I want to be?", "what do I want to feel, what am I missing?". I find these prompts really help to nail down what is and isnt serving you and what you can do to change your situation.

I also love writing after sessions so that I can do back in a couple of months or a year and reflect on the things I was struggling with or working on. This really helps me to see how far I've come and how much work I've done to get there, its so positive and uplifting.

Work through the emotions

I bring up a lot of emotions in my session and the best thing you can do is work on those emotions. To do that you need to take notice them, when do they come up? Who contributes to these feelings? Are these emotions serving you? Where do you feel the emotions sitting in your body?

Once you have looked at the emotions, without trying to push them aside, simply allow them to pass. I often talk about allowing yourself to feel your emotions. When you block off difficult emotions, you often block off positive emotions as well. This is because you can just switch off specific feelings. No emotions are easy to understand or work with. The goal is just to allow emotions to come up, to notice them and then allow them to wash over you. Not hanging onto anything, not trying to reject it or trying to squash it down; it's simply noticing or observing and letting it go. When you do this you this to allow your emotional states to become open, free and light so that you aren’t trapped with these feelings inside your body anymore and you have the space to move on and heal. The best part about this is that when we open ourselves up to the negative emotions, we also make room for the positive. You cannot suppress one type of emotion without suppressing all other emotions with it. When you allow the negative to flow through you, you are also allowing an abundance of positive to move through you.

I also have an emotional releasing meditation available on my website for you to do at anytime! Click here

Take responsibility

Even though sometimes I would love to make all these changes for you, it is your responsibility to work on yourself and the things that need changing. Sometimes this is going to the doctor for blood tests, cutting toxic people out of your life, exercising, prioritising your needs before others, creating strong boundaries, standing up for yourself, going to see the naturopath or practicing meditation. Only you can make the decision to follow what your body tells me you need.

It is the same as going to the physio, they often give you exercises to improve your posture or strength. If you dont do the exercises you will probably need to go back many more times for recurrent injury and maintenance, while if you follow through and work on your physical strength, you wont need to go back very often or at all after a while.

Take note of changes

So many things change as we work on ourselves. Noticing whats shifting is a way of saying well done to yourself and acknowledging the work you are doing. If you write it in a journal or simply take time to remember how different you felt a few months ago to the way you feel now.

Do the homework

I don't give much homework after my sessions, sometimes its a podcast, a meditation, request for blood tests or asking you to remove something toxic from your life. The homework I give is so valuable to your journey. Remember I spend a lot of time and energy after your session finding relevant links of information or sending you in the right direction. The homework isn't just to be mean, it is really going to give you a better understand into what is happening for you and fast forward your healing. Please, please please! Don't ignore my emails and the things I send you.

Other ways to self soothe

- Go for a walk

- Meditate

- Draw

- Do yoga

- Practice deep breathing

- Cry

- Take a shower

- Get some sunshine

- Talk to a trusted friend

- Go to the beach

- Pat a dog

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