I am a kinesiologist and I previously studied my Bachelor of Design at UWA. My two passions have always competed with one another, my passion for helping people and my passion for design. From starting my own kinesiology business, I have learned so much about marketing and building a conscious business. I realised I could do both my passions together by helping conscious businesses with their websites and marketing plans.


It is important for both of us that we are on the same page and that you will align with my values as much as I align with yours. If you are interested in working with me, download my free business plan starter to see if we are right for one another. 


Website Design & Business Coaching

From my Bachelor of Design at University of Western Australia I have a passion for creating beautiful websites. I love working with holistic businesses to create an aesth...
Website Design and Coaching

1. Honesty. I value honest businesses and marketing. There is a lot of false marketing on Instagram. What I have found is the people and business that are the most honest and genuine are the ones that do the best in the long run. Let your personality shine on social media it’s important to reflect who you are.


2. Purposeful. While I do what your personality to come through, if you are running a specific business page, I believe all your posts need to be thought out and planned. I believe good quality photos are essential. When you do a post or put yourself out there, you have to think about the greater picture. Does this post align with me, my page and my clients?  I will give you your own personal presents on an app I recommend. I ask clients to stick to their pre-set when posting images because it helps develop consistency with the overall view of your page. If you don’t want to use pre-sets then don’t use any filters at all. For me it’s all or nothing.


3. Conscious. How are you helping others or how are you making the world a better place? I don’t enjoy supporting businesses that are formed on consumerism and waste. My hope is that by helping you, I am also helping people in need find you and find the help they need.

My three values:

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