This is your comprehensive guide to a healthy natural cycle and achieving natural Fertility. With each monthly workshop you'll learn how to eat, exercise and care for your cycle preparing your body for pregnancy or overall wellness. 

Your cycle is one of your greatest indicators of your health status. When we look at the cycle we are also looking at an indication of your diet, gut health, stress levels, emotional or mental state and vitality. Your body allows for a healthy cycle when it feels it is safe for your body to carry a baby. Over the next 6 months we will focus of reducing your stress levels, calming your nervous system and helping you nourish every cell in your body. 

Connect and share your experiences with the beautiful women who are joining you on this journey. This is a community of like minded women, all with the same goal or purpose for their health. 

Enjoy my meditations and daily movement to help you enhance your vitality and wellness. 

Welcome to Sage Cycles & Fertility


What you get...

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Plus so much more!

For less than the average cost of the pill each month, you get access to 6 months of incredible cycle healing content. This includes guided meditations, emotional releasing stretches, four online workshops, access to our online community and downloadable charts and resources. If you are located in Perth and you choose the local option, you also get three kinesiology sessions to help you heal your cycle, enhance your fertility or assist you through a healthy pregnancy. Plus 10% off our online store! 

Six Month Programs...

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