24 Mar 2020

The postpartum period is incredibly challenging for many women, but being prepared makes it just a little easier. I recommend getting organised in the weeks leading up to your due date. If you are in the earlier stages of pregnancy then please check out even more info in my Conscious Pregnancy workshop. I realise this list is full of products and I'm definitely not telling you to rush out and buy everything. Where possible try get things second hand from gumtree, Facebook marketplace or better yet free off a Buy Nothing group. I managed to get a lot of things in the list below from these platforms. I have links to the different produc...

5 Aug 2019

We can all agree that after a kinesiology session you generally feel a shift in one way or another. Some shifts might feel heavy, emotional, amplified, calm or lighter. The way you feel all depends on the issue we are working on as well as your body's way of processing change. If you did nothing after your session you would still see amazing results both physically and emotionally. There is so much more you can do at home to seep up your healing and allow your sessions to go even deeper, this is how... 


If this is the only thing you do, it'll still do a lot. Journalling is an amazing form of releasing. Sometimes difficult emotions a...

1 Aug 2019

For the most part, we all know what we should and shouldn't be eating. It isn't not knowing what to eat that throws us off our healthy paths, it's a number of other factors. The first step to understanding why you might make poor food choices is to get a better understanding of your habits, emotions and routines. 

The disorganised eater

Yes we have all been there, rushing out the door in the morning, no time to make lunch or eat a healthy breakfast so instead you grab something on the go or tick up take out. Maybe you're too busy making the kids lunches and forget about yourself. Hmm I've heard all the excuses before but at the end of the da...

20 Jun 2019

Why do we spend over a year planning our wedding day, but spend very little time preparing our body for a baby? This is such an important question I often ask my clients when they seem reluctant to put the time into preparing their body's. Your wedding day lasts just one day, making a baby will affect you every day for the rest of your life. 

It takes two to tango

I also frequently get asked if male partners really have to make changes to their lifestyle, and the answer is hell yes. Sperm contains half the DNA that creates a baby, so that is half the responsibility. Unfortunately men's sperm health is declining far more rapidly than women's...

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